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School Resource Officer (SRO)

Flatonia School Resource Officer Program



Flatonia ISD has collaborated with the Flatonia Police Department to operate a School Resource Officer (SRO) Program. 

School Resource Officers are trained police officers from our local law enforcement agencies. The SROs are station and office on the District's campus and are visible to the students they serve.

The purpose of the SRO program is to provide extra security at each of our campuses to create the safest environment for our students and staff. SROs build positive relationships and trust among our students. In addition, when students develop positive relationships with police officers, it often times bridges the community's trust with law enforcement.

Duties of School Resource Officer

  • Protect the safety of student and faculty and provide campus security by: providing a police presence on campus and at student gatherings; and providing police protection of District property, personnel and students
  • Develop contacts with all principals on their assigned FISD campus and assist in providing proactive responses to any school crime problem
  • Assist FISD with its drug prevention program and a comprehensive safety program
  • Work closely and coordinate with the FISD truancy investigator
  • Provide law enforcement services to include but not limited to the investigation, detection and enforcement of State and local criminal laws at FISD facilities
  • SRO will not enforce discipline relating to FISD regulations, rules, policies or procedures
  • Communicate with campus principals regarding law enforcement incidents on campus or at school activities, excepting incidents that may compromise an ongoing investigation or where disclosure may be a violation of the law
  • Serve as liaison between the District and the police department
  • Identify and counter deviant student behavior, such as gang activity, through information and other assistance to students and staff
  • Attend professional development training as required by the City or as requested by the District and approved by the Chief of Police
  • Be available as time permits as a resource to teach, lead discussions, or offer information on law enforcement topics;
  • Perform such other law enforcement duties as may be requested by the Superintendent or campus principal and assigned by the Chief of Police or his designee for the City
  • Complete and submit daily and monthly activity reports to the Superintendent or designee